Just War (A Summary)

 There are various Christian views on war.  The majority view throughout history dates back to Augustine, who taught there is such a thing as just war.  Much more could be - and has been! - said on this topic, but I like how the just war concept is summarized in An Introduction to Biblical Ethics. … Continue reading Just War (A Summary)

Robin Hood, History, and Neo-Atheists (Copan)

Some people have "issues" with aspects of the Old Testament.  In the OT you find stories of stoning, incest, polygamy, bloody warfare, and so forth.  Neo-atheists try to make hay out of these OT stories and argue that God is immoral, unjust, blood-thirsty, hateful, and sexist (etc. etc.).  What do Christians do in light of… Continue reading Robin Hood, History, and Neo-Atheists (Copan)

OT War and Jihad!?

 Is God a Moral Monster?  Paul Copan’s apologetic discussion of some of the difficulties in the Old Testament is a good book to have if you’re interested in defending the Christian faith from an OT point of view.  Andrew and I have both mentioned it before on the blog.  One section worth pointing out is… Continue reading OT War and Jihad!?

History Will Never Be The Same

Some atheists and anti-Christian voices accuse Christianity of being a religion of the sword, coercion, and manipulation because there have been some dark spots in Christian history.  However, there are many bright spots that atheists and anti-Christian voices typically fail to mention.  Paul Copan states it well: “Historians have documented that the values of human… Continue reading History Will Never Be The Same