The Patriot’s Bible!? (Trueman)

Earlier today I was reading over some of my highlights in Carl Trueman's book, Republocrat: Confessions of a Liberal Conservative. I had forgotten how much I appreciated it! One section that stuck out to me was Trueman's helpful criticism of "The Patriot's Bible." Here's what he wrote: ...Patriotism, love for one's homeland, is generally a… Continue reading The Patriot’s Bible!? (Trueman)

The Impossibility of Returning to ‘Christian’ America

A few days ago I promised to return to this outstanding book: The Search for Christian America.  Here are a few paragraphs from the latter part of the book.  These words will be a tough read for those of us schooled with textbooks that exaggerated the “Christian” influence in America’s formative years.  I’m still amazed… Continue reading The Impossibility of Returning to ‘Christian’ America

The (Futile?) Search for Christian America

Here’s a book that deserves to be brought back into our discussions and onto our reading lists: The Search for Christian America by Mark Noll, Nathan Hatch, and George Marsden.  It was first published in 1983 and then expanded in 1989.  But the message is completely relevant for Christians today. Here are some questions the… Continue reading The (Futile?) Search for Christian America