The Pastorate: More Than The Pulpit (Bridges)

The pulpit is only part of a pastor's ministry.  Of course, it is a major and central part of the ministry, but the pulpit is not the only part.  A pastor also has pastoral work to do; this too is an essential part of his ministry.  I appreciate how Charles Bridges explained this.  It's also… Continue reading The Pastorate: More Than The Pulpit (Bridges)

“Pastors” in Goatland

  This quote by Scottish pastor William Still (d. 1997) is for you fellow pastors out there.  It has to do with pastoral calling as well as teaching God's people the Word. "It is to feed sheep on such truth [the whole counsel of God] that men are called to churches and congregations, whatever they may think they… Continue reading “Pastors” in Goatland

On the Humorous Side: Pastor, Want a Beer?

Dr. Richard Lischer is Duke Divinity School's homiletics professor and a pastor in the ELCA.  Several years back, he wrote an autobiographical account of his first pastorate and parishioners in a small, conservative Illinois town.  He was fresh out of school with seminary training, a PhD, and a progressive liberal outlook which didn't mesh with… Continue reading On the Humorous Side: Pastor, Want a Beer?