Tripp’s “Dangerous Calling” – A Review

This book, Dangerous Calling by Paul Tripp, is a book about pastoral ministry.  However, it is not about the general aspects of pastoral ministry; it has a more specific focus.  The focus is on pastoral ministry gone wrong.  So this book is not for pastors who are generally on the right track of humble service. … Continue reading Tripp’s “Dangerous Calling” – A Review

Godly Practices and Pastoral Theology

 I love these paragraphs from Martin Bucer's Concerning the True Care of Souls.  It starts with a general maxim Bucer sets forth. When people are lax about church practices there is to be found weakness in their Christian lives. This is the principle and general way of strengthening the weak and foolish sheep of Christ. … Continue reading Godly Practices and Pastoral Theology

What Threatens to Smother the Church?

There's one more quote from Still's The Work of the Pastor (published first in 1984) that I want to highlight before I set this book down for now.  (Note: the Lt. Col. Thomson whom Still mentions below was a sort of Barnabas to churches behind the Iron Curtain in the 20th Century).  Though he writes… Continue reading What Threatens to Smother the Church?

Election, Perseverance, And A Pastoral Letter

 In Letter 12 of his Letters, John Newton wrote to a friend who was skeptical about the doctrines of unconditional election and the perseverance of the saints.  In a charitable and pastoral way, Newton gave his Christian friend some encouragement in thinking about these doctrines. He opened by explaining that we don't come to learn the truth through… Continue reading Election, Perseverance, And A Pastoral Letter

Martin Bucer’s Pastoral Theology: A Review

 In the early years following the Reformation - specifically 1538 - Martin Bucer (Butzer) wrote Von der Waren Seelsorge (Concerning the True Care of Souls).  Since the Roman Catholic church had harmed, hindered, and hurt many souls, and since Reformed pastors didn't have extensive examples of and training in pastoral theology, a book like this was needed.  So Bucer penned… Continue reading Martin Bucer’s Pastoral Theology: A Review