Pastoring the Pastor

In the past few months I’ve been reading pastoral ministry books for my own spiritual and pastoral good.  In case you missed some earlier reviews, I said Paul Tripp’s Dangerous Calling wasn’t overly helpful because of its narrow audience: it isn’t for pastors who are weary, tired, and who need encouragement.  In fact, I had… Continue reading Pastoring the Pastor

God’s Grace and the Pastoral Ministry

One great truth about the Christian pastoral ministry that comforts me, a pastor, is this: my devotion, passion, or piety is not ultimately what makes my sermons edifying or my ministry successful (in the biblical sense of the terms).  I should pray for growth in devotion, passion, and piety, but if my sermons are edifying… Continue reading God’s Grace and the Pastoral Ministry

Tripp’s “Dangerous Calling” – A Review

This book, Dangerous Calling by Paul Tripp, is a book about pastoral ministry.  However, it is not about the general aspects of pastoral ministry; it has a more specific focus.  The focus is on pastoral ministry gone wrong.  So this book is not for pastors who are generally on the right track of humble service. … Continue reading Tripp’s “Dangerous Calling” – A Review

The Life of an Ordinary Pastor

 Probably 95% of solid Christian pastors labor almost in an unnoticed way - visiting the sick, weeping in prayer at night, preparing sermons (with which they are never happy!), struggling with illness and personal shortcomings, preaching to 50 or 75 people on Sunday, baptizing, leading wedding services, and crying at the gravesite with other Christians.  So Don Carson's book… Continue reading The Life of an Ordinary Pastor