Pastoring Families in Crisis

John Sittema’s book, With A Shepherd’s Heart is a great biblical and reformational resource on the pastoral office of elder.  In it Sittema discusses topics like family visiting, elders’ meetings, discipline, and teaching.  While there are many helpful sections in this book, one that stands out is Sittema’s discussion of helping families in crisis (found… Continue reading Pastoring Families in Crisis

Perfecting Ourselves To Death

Awhile back someone recommended Richard Winter's book on depression called The Roots of Sorrow.  I thought it was such an excellent book that I ended up getting a few more by Winter, including Still Bored in a Culture of Entertainment and Perfecting Ourselves to Death.  Though these are all good reads, right now I want to… Continue reading Perfecting Ourselves To Death

Women Counseling Women

We (the church which I pastor) recently chose a few mature Christian women from the congregation to counsel women when different needs arise.  We're still in the middle of this process, but one place we're starting as we consider some training is Women Helping Women, edited by Elyse Fitzpatrick and Carol Cornish.  The book is… Continue reading Women Counseling Women