On The Proper Use of Sickness (Pascal)

 In a written prayer called "To Ask God the Proper Use of Sickness," Blaise Pascal (d. 1662) reflected on health and sickness in the Christian life.  More specifically, Pascal confessed that when he was healthy, he didn't thank God for it and use his health to serve Him.  When he became ill, Pascal prayed that… Continue reading On The Proper Use of Sickness (Pascal)

Truth Is Obscured Nowadays (Pascal)

This is one of those books that I don't always agree with, but it does always make me think: Christianity for Modern Pagans by Peter Kreeft.  It's basically a modern commentary on some of Pascal's Pensees.  Here's one part that got me thinking about truth; it's worth sharing: Truth is so obscured nowadays and lies… Continue reading Truth Is Obscured Nowadays (Pascal)

If He Would Just Show Me A Miracle… (Pascal)

Some people say that if God showed them a miracle, they would believe in him.  Blaise Pascal (d.1662) gave an excellent critique of this faulty approach to belief in God.  The following quote is a great apologetic: "'If I had seen a miracle,' they say, 'I should be converted.'  How can they be positive that… Continue reading If He Would Just Show Me A Miracle… (Pascal)

Deism is not Christianity

This is a great section of Pascal's Pensees.  Here he explains that deism is not Christianity (a point that most Americans don't understand - specifically in the political realm).  I'll also quote Peter Kreeft's commentary on Pascal's statement. "And...they [unbelievers/skeptics] take occasion to blaspheme against the Christian religion, because they know so little about it.  They imagine… Continue reading Deism is not Christianity

The Fun Cult (or the Cult of Fun)

 Along with money, nature, sex, religion, youth, politics, and self, one common American idol is fun or entertainment.  Everything is advertised as being fun - from fun learning programs in schools, to fun office environments, to fun doctor's offices, fun rules the day.  This is such a major idol in America that some people can even make… Continue reading The Fun Cult (or the Cult of Fun)