If That Is Not Darkness…! (Luther)

As most of us know quite well, one biblical way to think about the Lord is that he's our loving, kind, patient, and good shepherd (Ps. 23, John 10, etc.). He loves us, his sheep, so much that he laid down his life for us. Having the Lord Jesus as our shepherd is a source… Continue reading If That Is Not Darkness…! (Luther)

The Importance of “Christ Alone” (Luther)

Martin Luther's Commentary on the Sermon on the Mount (recently reprinted by Lexham Press) is an excellent resource to have when studying Matthew 5-7.  The language/translation is a bit dated, but it is outstanding and well worth the effort.  Today I read the following, which I marked up quite a bit: For if I cling… Continue reading The Importance of “Christ Alone” (Luther)

“Roman” and “Catholic” – Mutually Contradictory (Bavinck)

The phrase "catholic church" in the Apostles' Creed is a reference to God's people throughout history from all different tribes, tongues, and nations.  Of course this phrase, "catholic church" is also used by the papacy, which calls its church "The Roman Catholic Church."  But how can a church be tied so closely to a geographical… Continue reading “Roman” and “Catholic” – Mutually Contradictory (Bavinck)

Protesting Papal Snares

Sometimes we Protestants forget our protest.  The Reformation came about because certain Christian men boldly protested the heinous abuses of the Roman Catholic Church.  These weren’t minor abuses; it wasn’t like the Reformers were simply upset about a few songs, candle arrangements, and the writings of one or two priests.  The Reformers protested against Rome… Continue reading Protesting Papal Snares

Persecution in France Following the Reformation

  Following the Reformation, the Papacy made frequent and bloody attacks on Reformed churches and Christians throughout Europe.  John Foxe (d. 1587) wrote an account of this (and other) persecution Reformed churches faced.  Here's one such story of Peter Serre. "Peter Serre was originally a priest, but reflecting on the errors of popery, he at length embraced the reformed… Continue reading Persecution in France Following the Reformation