Not Eliminating Grief

How did the early Christian church differ from Greek philosophers when it came to dealing with suffering and grief? “For Christians, suffering was not to be dealt with primarily through the control and suppression of negative emotions with the use of reason or willpower.  Ultimate reality was known not primarily through reason and contemplation but… Continue reading Not Eliminating Grief

The Sweet Bitterness of Grief

I mentioned this excellent book awhile back: A Grace Disguised by Jerry Sittser.  He wrote it after he lost his mother, wife, and daughter in a car accident.  On the topic of grief this book is one of the best.  Here’s a quote that got my attention in a big way: “The accident itself bewilders… Continue reading The Sweet Bitterness of Grief

Suffering, Affliction, Trials

  A few months back, I found the revised and expanded version of R. C. Sproul's excellent book on suffering, Surprised by Suffering (Orlando: Reformation Trust, 2009).  It's a handsome hardcover complete with a topical index, a Scripture index, and a short Q/A at the end.  The book itself covers topics like suffering, pain, death, and heaven -… Continue reading Suffering, Affliction, Trials

Dear Christian: Close Your Crying Eyes

 In this grim and grueling journal of grief and sorrow, Lewis takes the reader through the valley of the shadow of death.  He's brutal and honest: in suffering, tears, and pain, sometimes the Christian only gets a tiny and brief ray of hope.  But since it is heaven's ray, it is sufficient even though it might… Continue reading Dear Christian: Close Your Crying Eyes