What Would Abraham Do?

This is a great resource on the life of Abraham: Living in the Gap Between Promise and Reality: The Gospel According to Abraham by Iain Duguid.  In the book, Duguid does note how Abraham is, in a way, an example for us when it comes to trusting the Lord and obeying him.  But Duguid’s book… Continue reading What Would Abraham Do?

The Miraculous Nature of the OT

 Nahum Sarna’s Understanding Genesis (New York: Schocken Books, Inc. 1966) is a great resource for studying the first book of the Bible from a Jewish perspective.  I especially liked the introduction, where Sarna talks about OT studies in general in light of higher criticism and fundamentalism.  In one section of the introduction, Sarna explains how… Continue reading The Miraculous Nature of the OT

“The God I Don’t Understand”

 Since I appreciated and enjoyed Chris Wright's The Mission of God, I thought it would be worthwhile to read some of his other works.  I started with The God I Don't Understand (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2008).  In this book, Wright reflects upon a few tough questions that have to do with the Christian faith.  The four… Continue reading “The God I Don’t Understand”

Resources on Habakkuk

Here is a list of commentaries I've used as I teach/preach through the OT minor prophet Habakkuk.    Marvin Sweeney, The Twelve Prophets.  This is one of my favorite commentaries on Habakkuk.  Sweeney is a top-notch Jewish scholar so he knows his Hebrew Bible.  His writing style is clear and to the point; the commentary is a… Continue reading Resources on Habakkuk

Telling the Truth

 I've really enjoyed Patrick Miller's commentary on the Ten Commandments in the Interpretation commentary series (Louisville: Westminster John Knox Press, 2009).  This is a 400+ page commentary that includes an extensive Scripture index, topical index, and bibliography.  For each commandment, Miller examines the historical context, parallel themes in the Hebrew Bible, and the New Testament implications as well. … Continue reading Telling the Truth