A Simple Summary of OT Hebrew Words & Vowels (Schwab)

 I understand that not all Christians are interested in biblical Hebrew.  It's certainly not a requirement that if you want to be a Christian you must learn Hebrew.  We should never make it seem like someone is a "better" Christian if he or she knows Hebrew (or Greek for that  matter).  However, since the OT… Continue reading A Simple Summary of OT Hebrew Words & Vowels (Schwab)

Historical Interpretation of the OT: Three Requirements (Long)

 V. Philips Long wrote a helpful article for the NIDOTTE called "Old Testament History: A Hermeneutical Perspective."  It's a very level-headed discussion about interpreting the history recorded in the OT.  One section of the article gives three requirements for the interpreter of OT history.  Here's a summary of those three requirements: Literary competence.  It may seem… Continue reading Historical Interpretation of the OT: Three Requirements (Long)

OT War and Jihad!?

 Is God a Moral Monster?  Paul Copan’s apologetic discussion of some of the difficulties in the Old Testament is a good book to have if you’re interested in defending the Christian faith from an OT point of view.  Andrew and I have both mentioned it before on the blog.  One section worth pointing out is… Continue reading OT War and Jihad!?

The Old Testament in the New Testament

There are several helpful articles in volume one of The Expositor’s Bible Commentary (ed. Frank Gaebelein).  One of them that stands out is Roger Nicole’s “The Old Testament in the New Testament.”  Here is Nicole’s introduction and his main points (edited and summarized). “One very notable feature of the NT is the extent to which… Continue reading The Old Testament in the New Testament

A Review of Hamilton’s Biblical Theology

I (Shane) have been working through some OT theology books lately – one of them being God’s Glory in Salvation through Judgment by James Hamilton.  This book is a 550+ page discussion of Hamilton’s thesis, namely, that the main theme of the Bible is “God’s glory in salvation through judgment.”  Hamilton says that this is… Continue reading A Review of Hamilton’s Biblical Theology