The Difficulty of Ex 24: Childs’ Proposal

Ex 24 is anything but easy with regard to clear connection in and style of the text.  Even a quick read makes a person scratch his/her head, wondering why it is a bit choppy.  One example: not only is this section of Exodus out of chronological order, even this chapter is "dischronologized."  It seems as… Continue reading The Difficulty of Ex 24: Childs’ Proposal

Brueggemann: The Good, Bad, the Ugly

Here's one reason why I love Brueggemann: he totally demolishes OT historical criticism.  He says that historical criticism is a child of the Enlightenment with objective, scientific, and positivistic epistemological assumptions.  Historical critics attempt to explain everything away - including the text itself, Brueggemann laments. "Such an with the text itself.  The text is saturated with the… Continue reading Brueggemann: The Good, Bad, the Ugly