Resources on Ecclesiastes

Since I’ve been preaching Ecclesiastes for the last six weeks, I thought it might be helpful to share the list of commentaries I’ve been using.  Since it is nearly impossible to purchase and utilize every available commentary, I’m just going to comment on the ones I’ve used.  (If my count is right, there are around… Continue reading Resources on Ecclesiastes

The Messianic Vacuum: How Not To Interperet the Psalter

 In the past, I've mentioned my disappointment with John Goldingay's three volume commentary on the psalms because they completely lack a christological focus.  Not only does Goldingay simply avoid talking about Christ in the psalms, he explicitly says that psalms historically considered messianic are in fact not messianic. He sucks the Messiah from the psalms.  I used his commentary on Psalm 110 recently, and here's what… Continue reading The Messianic Vacuum: How Not To Interperet the Psalter