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  Here's one for you if you if you just can't quite understand Joel Osteen's message, or if you want a modern day understanding of Pelagianism.  I saw this floating around on the web, so I'm not sure who to give the credit.  Anyway, it makes for a good laugh! shane lems sunnyside wa

Martin Luther, Two Kingdoms, and the Prosperity Gospel

In a sermon on John 12.12-29 for Palm Sunday in 1534, Martin Luther explained the significance of Jesus riding on a donkey instead of a powerful war-horse. "This Christ-King comes to Zion's daughter humbly, riding on a donkey; he does not rule a realm where men gather wealth and property, conduct wars, become rich and… Continue reading Martin Luther, Two Kingdoms, and the Prosperity Gospel

#1 Selling Beer, Rock Concerts, and Your Neighborhood McMegachurch

Now that I'm done with this book, I'm convinced that all Reformed pastors should at least skim through it - especially church planters in suburbia! As I mentioned in the earlier two posts on this book, Twitchell, who does not claim to be a Christian (he's an "apatheist" in his own words) went to loads… Continue reading #1 Selling Beer, Rock Concerts, and Your Neighborhood McMegachurch

Eldersveld and Suffering

Peter Eldersveld, a CRC minister from around 40 years ago, wrote a nice little booklet in the '60's all about suffering and Christianity (Sharing His Suffering[Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1961]).  I was reading this very recently while working through Isaiah 52.13-53.12.  During my studies, I was struck by Eldersveld's words in light of recent media reports about… Continue reading Eldersveld and Suffering