“X Views on Y” Books (Carson)

Many of us have heard about or even read the various books that have titles something like this: "Three Views on the Church." On the one hand, these books might be somewhat helpful. On the other hand, we might want to think twice before saying they are helpful without offering any critique or caveat. Speaking… Continue reading “X Views on Y” Books (Carson)

The “Historical Nonsense” of Early Pluralistic Christianities (Carson)

 This is very much worth reading: ...During the last decade and a half a number of writers with media savvy have unleashed books and articles to support the view that originally Christianity was pluralistic in content and largely tolerant (in the new sense!) in attitude. There was no agreed orthodoxy, but highly diverse theological syntheses.… Continue reading The “Historical Nonsense” of Early Pluralistic Christianities (Carson)

Not Boasting In My Orthodoxy

Sometimes it’s good to be reminded that while we want our doctrine to be biblical, doctrine isn’t what saves us from sin and misery.  We don’t have faith in our doctrine; the object of saving faith is Christ alone.  Unfortunately, even good doctrine can become an idol, as Lloyd-Jones notes here: “Let me put it… Continue reading Not Boasting In My Orthodoxy

Eastern Orthodoxy and The Reformation

One question that is debated from time to time is this: is Eastern Orthodox (EO) theology compatible with Reformed theology?  Having read several different resources by EO theologians, I believe the answer is quite clear: no.  There are big differences in the areas of Scripture, sin, redemption, liturgy, and piety, just to name a few.… Continue reading Eastern Orthodoxy and The Reformation

Reading The Eastern Orthodox

 The Eastern Orthodox church (history and theology) has slipped under my radar, so I thought I should remedy that.  A few weeks back, I picked up Timothy Ware's The Orthodox Church (London: Penguin Press, rev. 1993).  I was not disappointed - it is an awesome introduction to the history, theology, and piety of the Eastern churches. … Continue reading Reading The Eastern Orthodox