Public Worship: A Covenantal Assembly

One major aspect of Reformed worship (worship of God that is Reformed according to the Word of God) is a covenantal emphasis.  That is, corporate worship is when God’s people assemble to sing his praises, call on him in prayer, and hear him speak through his Word.  I appreciate how the Directory for the Public… Continue reading Public Worship: A Covenantal Assembly

Essays On The OPC: A Brief Review

I recently picked up a copy of this 2011 publication: Confident of Better Things: Essays Commemorating Seventy-Five Years of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (ed. John Muether and Danny Olinger).  This is a thick book (500 pages) and I haven’t read every essay in it, but I would like to point it out to our readers.… Continue reading Essays On The OPC: A Brief Review

Westminster Seminary California and the Confessions

I've been enjoying this new book which summarizes the history of Westminster Seminary California: A New Old School, edited by W. Robert Godfrey and D. G. Hart.  Since Andrew and I graduated from WSC over five years ago, both of us have a vested interest in this book.  One emphasis of this book is a… Continue reading Westminster Seminary California and the Confessions


I've been on a reading kick lately (more than usual), so I have many books about which to blog, but not enough time.  So I'll note a few now, and come back to them some other day.  I also hope to finish my notes on David VanDrunen's Natural Law and Two Kingdoms book very soon.… Continue reading Reading…

The Necessity of the Christian School

 Making my way through Machen's excellent Shorter Writings I came across a great article on Christian schooling (originally delivered by Machen in 1933 before the Educational Convention of the National Union of Christian Schools in Chicago, IL.).  As always, Machen is clear and quite thought-provoking. His first reason why Christians should favor Christian schools is… Continue reading The Necessity of the Christian School