J. Gresham Machen: A Biographical Memoir (A Brief Review)

(Today's post is by Elisabeth Bloechl, a friend who is part of the church family I serve as pastor. You can read her blog over at "Who Am I".) This is a time of increasing tension between Christians and secular culture. More and more Christians (and churches) are either paying homage to secular culture or… Continue reading J. Gresham Machen: A Biographical Memoir (A Brief Review)

Reflections On The 2018 Trinity Psalter Hymnal (OPC/URC)

 [[NOTE: I've updated this review slightly since we've been using the Trinity Psalter Hymnal in church for several months now.]] I grew up in Dutch Reformed circles with the Blue Psalter Hymnal (as we called it).  I came to love many of the Psalms and hymns in that book.  I can still remember my piano… Continue reading Reflections On The 2018 Trinity Psalter Hymnal (OPC/URC)

Missions, the Far East, and Bruce Hunt

I recently read this fascinating account of 19th century Presbyterian (OPC) missionary Bruce Hunt: For A Testimony.  This book is Hunt’s account of his mission work in the Far East in the 1930’s-40’s.  Hunt (along with his wife and children) was laboring in Harbin, Manchuria during the Second World War.  Hunt, along with other Christians… Continue reading Missions, the Far East, and Bruce Hunt

What is the Orthodox Presbyterian Church?

For our church information table, I recently ordered a package of the new brochure/pamphlets printed by the OPC to introduce people to the gospel and give them information about the OPC.  I thought it was really well done, so I wanted to share it here (you can see and/or order it online here).   What follows… Continue reading What is the Orthodox Presbyterian Church?

A Move to the OPC

  Just wanted to let our readers know that I (Shane) recently received and accepted a call to pastor Covenant Presbyterian Church (OPC) In Hammond, WI (about 40 miles East of St. Paul, MN).  In other words, my family and I moved from Sunnyside, WA - and the URC there - to Hammond, WI -… Continue reading A Move to the OPC