The Law/Gospel Distinction: A Staple in Reformed Theology

This is a reblog from October, 2009. We've posted on this before, but it is something that needs to be said more than a few times: the law/gospel distinction is right there in the fabric of old-school Reformed theology.  Though some people don't like it, won't teach it, and think it is Lutheran, it is… Continue reading The Law/Gospel Distinction: A Staple in Reformed Theology

Turretin: Law/Gospel and OT/NT

Here's what the historic Reformers and scholastics mean by the law/gospel distinction, starting way back with Olevian and Ursinus in the 16th century.  The law/gospel distinction is not an OT/NT distinction, for the law/gospel distinction is found in both testaments; furthermore, the OT/NT relationship is in a different category than the law/gospel distinction. "There is… Continue reading Turretin: Law/Gospel and OT/NT

Olevian: Law, Gospel, and Justification

R. Scott Clark wrote a very solid piece on Caspar Olevian (one of the authors of the Heidelberg Catechism) called Caspar Olevian and the Substance of the Covenant (Edinburgh: Rutherford House, 2005).  In this book, Clark discusses the main points of Olevian's life as well as some of the high points of Olevian's Reformation teaching… Continue reading Olevian: Law, Gospel, and Justification

Olevian on Alien Righteousness and Alien Curse

  Olevian comments on Lord's Day 15: "Q. Was it not a disgrace for the Son of God to become a curse...?  A. Not at all.  For we believe that Christ took upon Himself and bore and alien curse, namely ours...." Commenting on Romans 4, Olevian says, "He [God] is declaring that ungodly person righteous… Continue reading Olevian on Alien Righteousness and Alien Curse