Repelling Satan’s Temptations with Scripture (Winslow)

In Octavius Winslow's book, The Sympathy of Christ, he spends some time discussing Christ's temptation (Mt 4:1-11). Winslow comments on Christ's temptation and then explains how Christ understands our temptations (Heb 2:18, 4:15). He even gives practical insight into fighting off Satan's temptations in a Christ-like way. For example, Winslow says we must beware of… Continue reading Repelling Satan’s Temptations with Scripture (Winslow)

“Believing is not Doing”or “Sins Countless as the Stars”

 Octavious Winslow to the those struggling with sin, guilt, imperfection, and doubt about the gospel: “It is not for your worth that you are saved, but for Christ’s worth.  It is not on the ground of your personal merits that you are justified, but on the ground of Christ’s merits alone.  It is not upon… Continue reading “Believing is not Doing”or “Sins Countless as the Stars”

The Chief Object of Your Study

Here is an outstanding devotional note from Octavius Winslow, found in Go and Tell Jesus (page 9 in the edition I'm reading). Dear reader, let the chief object of your study be to know the Lord Jesus. It may be in the region of your sinfulness, emptiness, weakness, and foolishness that you learn Him —… Continue reading The Chief Object of Your Study

A Feeble, Trembling Faith…Saves!

I've found several of Octavius Winslow's (d. 1878) brief meditations to be a great help while comforting the dying saint.  They are short, gospel-centered, soul-warming devotions that point the Christian to his/her living Savior.  Here's one I used just last week, based on 1 Tim. 1.15 (The saying is sure and worthy of full acceptance,… Continue reading A Feeble, Trembling Faith…Saves!