Defining “Covenant” (Kline)

 Quite obviously the term and concept of covenant is a major theme in Scripture.  It's not always easy to define since there are quite a few covenants made in the Bible and since they are made in different cultures and time periods.  Having said that, I appreciate Meridith Kline's general definition of covenant: Of the… Continue reading Defining “Covenant” (Kline)

Brueggemann on the Epistemology of Oath

 Another jewel from Brueggemann's Theology of the Old Testament (p. 173). "All of these [OT redemptive] promises of Yahweh, of every sort, on every subject, intend that Israel should not surrender its life or its destiny to the present circumstance, especially when that present circumstance is deathly and appears insurmountable." The alternative to accepting the… Continue reading Brueggemann on the Epistemology of Oath