What Is A “Worthless Man” in the OT?

In a few Old Testament stories in the ESV we run across the phrase "worthless fellow" or "worthless man" (בֶּן־בְּלִיַּ֔עַל) The fool Nabal is a worthless man (1 Sam. 25:17). Sheba the Benjaminite is called a "worthless man" (2 Sam. 20:1). Proverbs also talks about a "worthless man" (Prov. 16:27). What exactly does "worthless man"… Continue reading What Is A “Worthless Man” in the OT?

Principles for Productive Word Study (Walton)

 Word studies are a helpful tool in the exegetical toolbox.  There is a lot more to studying Scripture than doing word studies, to be sure, but word studies are helpful in determining the meaning of a text or texts.  Now there are wrong ways to do word studies.  There are exegetical fallacies that are quite… Continue reading Principles for Productive Word Study (Walton)

Historical Interpretation of the OT: Three Requirements (Long)

 V. Philips Long wrote a helpful article for the NIDOTTE called "Old Testament History: A Hermeneutical Perspective."  It's a very level-headed discussion about interpreting the history recorded in the OT.  One section of the article gives three requirements for the interpreter of OT history.  Here's a summary of those three requirements: Literary competence.  It may seem… Continue reading Historical Interpretation of the OT: Three Requirements (Long)