The New Testament Canon and the Church

There have been various attacks on the New Testament for many years; it's nothing new when someone levels an objection or complaint against it.  Recent attacks include setting Paul against Jesus, using apocryphal books to discredit the NT, and saying the formation of the canon was a power-move of the early church.  Andreas Kostenberger and… Continue reading The New Testament Canon and the Church

The Old Testament in the New Testament

There are several helpful articles in volume one of The Expositor’s Bible Commentary (ed. Frank Gaebelein).  One of them that stands out is Roger Nicole’s “The Old Testament in the New Testament.”  Here is Nicole’s introduction and his main points (edited and summarized). “One very notable feature of the NT is the extent to which… Continue reading The Old Testament in the New Testament

Attributes of Canonicity (Kruger)

As I mentioned in earlier posts, Kruger’s work on the NT Scriptures, Canon Revisited, is an outstanding contribution to NT studies.  Here’s a nice explanation of the three attributes of canonicity (1) divine qualities, 2) apostolic origins, 3) received by the corporate church) and how they relate to the self-authenticating aspect of the canon. “What… Continue reading Attributes of Canonicity (Kruger)

Why Read and Study the Old Testament?

Why should we read and study the Old Testament? “The most compelling reason for Christians to read and study the Old Testament lies in the New Testament.  The New Testament witnesses to the fact that Jesus of Nazareth is the One in whom and through whom all the promises of God find their fulfillment.  These… Continue reading Why Read and Study the Old Testament?

Commentary List on James’ Epistle

I've spent the past few months preaching and teaching through James' epistle, which was quite the faith-strengthening and repentance-increasing endeavor.  Since there are dozens of commentaries on James, I couldn't use them all.  Here are the ones I've used to some extent, with a brief review of each. 1) Craig Blomberg and Mariam Kamell's Zondervan… Continue reading Commentary List on James’ Epistle