Not an Invented Sort of Religion (Horton)

Michael Horton In the opening section of Michael Horton's two volume work on justification he gives a helpful explanation of this doctrine in contrast to the newer perspectives on Paul: So I remain unmoved by dismissals of the Reformation's formulation of justification and it's broader quest as little more than the product of an early… Continue reading Not an Invented Sort of Religion (Horton)

Wright, Reformation, and Gospel

I’ve found Cornelis Venema’s The Gospel of Free Acceptance in Christ to be a great Reformed resource for interacting with recent revisions of justification as found in the New Perspectives on Paul.  Venema’s chapter describing N. T. Wright’s perspective on Paul is especially helpful, clear, and fair.  As I read this chapter (5), I tried… Continue reading Wright, Reformation, and Gospel

Justification, Imputation, and St. Paul

  Herman Bavinck said this around 100 years ago - it has to do with justification by faith alone and the imputation of Christ's righteousness. "...It is said in Rom. 4:5 and 5:6 that God justifies the ungodly.  It is use stronger language.  The opponents of imputed righteousness should not lodge their objection against Luther… Continue reading Justification, Imputation, and St. Paul

Script(ing) and [Dia]loging Post/modern: Post-colonial Other(s)

Maybe some of you have read this article by Stephen Katz back in the 90's titled "How to Speak and Write Postmodern" (I'd add "Blog" to "Speak and Write").   If not, you must take 10 minutes out of  the day to read it.  It is hilariously true.  Here's one paragraph to get you interested if… Continue reading Script(ing) and [Dia]loging Post/modern: Post-colonial Other(s)