The Formula of Concord on Justification Sola Fide

 For me, one of the most debilitating aspects of moralistic theology is the way works sneak in the back door of justification.  One can see this open "back door" in the New Perspectives on Paul, the Federal Vision, and some Arminian evangelicalism. In sharp contrast to this moralistic theology, I love this reformation statement on justification sola fide from… Continue reading The Formula of Concord on Justification Sola Fide

The Reformers and Faith Alone

    "To express the unique suitability of faith to receive the gift of free justification, the Reformers used a variety of expressions.  Calvin, for example, spoke of faith as an 'empty vessel' in order to stress its character as a receptacle that brings nothing to God but receives all things from him.  Luther used the… Continue reading The Reformers and Faith Alone