Why Did Jesus Speak Obscurely? (Chrysostom)

Have you ever been reading through the Gospels and found Christ's words somewhat puzzling? I certainly have. To be sure, many of Jesus' words are quite clear and understandable. But he did say things that are more difficult to understand at first glance. A question arises: Why didn't Jesus always and in every circumstance speak,… Continue reading Why Did Jesus Speak Obscurely? (Chrysostom)

Regeneration: Spiritual Resurrection (Hodge)

 As Christians, we're familiar with the Bible's teaching about the new life God has given us in and through Christ.  In his mercy, God has caused us to be born again to a living hope through Christ's resurrection (1 Pet. 1:3).  We can't give ourselves credit for this new life - it's "of God" (John… Continue reading Regeneration: Spiritual Resurrection (Hodge)