What Is “News” and How to Think about It (Postman/Powers)

 I'm one of the few people who mostly avoid the news, whether online, in print, or on TV.  I'll skim the headlines of the St. Paul Pioneer Press on Sundays and Thursdays and I do see a few headlines online every now and then.  And of course, my friends mention current events.  But for the… Continue reading What Is “News” and How to Think about It (Postman/Powers)

This Just In: Attention News Junkies!

Though I am the opposite of a news junkie (it takes me 4 minutes to read the daily paper - and I don't know the difference between MSNBC and CNN), almost everyone I know is a news junkie.  I try to stay up to date with the general happenings in the country and world, but that's about it.  I don't understand… Continue reading This Just In: Attention News Junkies!