Monks, Hermits, and the Devil’s Deception (Luther)

At one time in his life, Martin Luther was a monk in the Augustinian order, a strict branch of monasticism that emphasized separation from the world and vigorous spiritual disciplines.  However, after discovering the freedom of the gospel, Luther stopped living a monastic life because he found his righteousness and salvation in Christ, not in… Continue reading Monks, Hermits, and the Devil’s Deception (Luther)

Promoting Our Neighbor’s Good Name

Thomas Boston (d. 1732), along with many other volumes, wrote a commentary on the Westminster Shorter Catechism.  I’ve enjoyed using it in my studies and sermons on the Ten Commandments.  Below I’ve written a section where Boston talks about one of the implications of the 9th commandment: rather than lying, we should speak well of… Continue reading Promoting Our Neighbor’s Good Name

Faith Alone, Justification, and Loving Your Neighbor

Martin Luther brilliantly taught that justification by faith alone is profoundly related to a Christian’s love for his neighbor.  If a Christian thinks that his works play even a small a part in justification, he will never be able to help his neighbor out of true love.  Instead, he will use his neighbor as a… Continue reading Faith Alone, Justification, and Loving Your Neighbor

Culture Wars and Warriors?

 Sometimes when Christians speak of engaging culture we end up using too many military metaphors.  We talk about culture wars and culture warriors, and we discuss how to "take back" the city (as if it were occupied territory) or speak of taking over certain parts of society.  Some Christians even talk about kingdom agents, beachheads, and invasions.  In response to… Continue reading Culture Wars and Warriors?

A Cup of Cold Water (In Jesus’ Name)

I like one of Os Guinness' descriptions of how to deal with all the evil and injustice in the world. "..[As followers of Christ] we each walk the earth to fulfill God's call.  We are therefore entrepreneurs of our lives, and each and every one of us is responsible for making the most of our… Continue reading A Cup of Cold Water (In Jesus’ Name)