The Liberty of the Will (Muller)

  I appreciate how Richard Muller summarizes the Reformed understanding of the human will under his entry "libertas naturae" in Dictionary of Latin and Greek Theological Terms: "The freedom or liberty of nature; viz., the liberty that is proper to a being given its particular nature.  No being, not even omnipotent God, can act contrary… Continue reading The Liberty of the Will (Muller)

The Two-Book Fallacy? (Or Barth and Fundamentalism Together!)

Someone recently pointed out an article to me on the topic of creation and Scripture called “The Two-Book Fallacy” by Jason Lisle, a director at the Institute for Creation Research.  In the article, Lisle very clearly and very firmly says that the Reformation teaching of God’s “two-books” is fallacious and unbiblical. In other words, Lisle… Continue reading The Two-Book Fallacy? (Or Barth and Fundamentalism Together!)

Materialism, Wealth, and Idolatry

 This is quite the book - a truly deep and thought-provoking read.  Although it was written around 30 years ago, the message is still relevant.  Schlossberg takes the reader through the main things in American culture that serve as people's idols.  At first I thought it was going to talk about how Christians end up… Continue reading Materialism, Wealth, and Idolatry

The Radical Duality of Anabaptist Ecclesiology

One thing that Bavinck did so well was put his finger on the pulse of the radical Anabaptist theology in the post-reformation era.  Here's one of his many penetrating insights into the Anabaptist dualism. "Anabaptism proceeded from the premise of an absolute antithesis between creation and re-creation, nature and grace, the world and the kingdom… Continue reading The Radical Duality of Anabaptist Ecclesiology