Frei on Precritical Biblical Interpretation

I've been reading Hans Frei, The Eclipse of Biblical Narrative (New York: Yale, 1974) for the past few weeks.  This book is quite deep and thick and rich - I know for sure I'm only tracking with the main points that Frei is making.  I enjoy it, but it's going to take one or two… Continue reading Frei on Precritical Biblical Interpretation

Prose and Poetry or Narrative Prologues and Poetic Epilogues

Some OT scholars make hay with the seeming discrepancies between Exodus 14 (the exodus narrative proper) and Exodus 15 (the poetic or hymnic reflection on the exodus).  For example, they discuss the history, authorship, and date of the two chapters.  It is true: on close reading of the two texts, one can see some differences… Continue reading Prose and Poetry or Narrative Prologues and Poetic Epilogues

God’s New Language

Here are a few thought provoking words for the day from Stanley Hauerwas. "At Pentecost God created a new language, but it was a language that is more than words.  It is instead a community whose memory of its savior creates the miracle of being a people whose very differences contribute to their unity.  We… Continue reading God’s New Language

John’s Gospel: Trial, Testimony, Structure, and Minor Characters

John’s Gospel is a gospel of trial and testimony. Trials take place: Jesus on trial, his followers on trial, the world on trial, the Pharisees on trial, the Jews on trial, the reader on trial – it is a book of trials. It is also a book of testimony – legal witness that Jesus is… Continue reading John’s Gospel: Trial, Testimony, Structure, and Minor Characters

Jon Levenson on the Historical Prologue of the Treaty

Jewish OT scholar Jon Levenson again shines as he discusses the suzerainty treaty/covenant in the ancient Near East/OT.  Here he is speaking specifically of the historical prologue.  This is worth reading a few times! "Israel began to infer and to affirm her identity by telling a story.  To be sure, the story has implications that can be… Continue reading Jon Levenson on the Historical Prologue of the Treaty