Literary Structure of the OT

I posted on this excellent book earlier.  I also just noticed that the WSC bookstore now carries it - priced competitively with Amazon.  I'll review this more later as I use it, but as many of you said earlier, it is a great work!  It is worth the 30 some bucks if you are studying… Continue reading Literary Structure of the OT

OT Hebrew Literary Structure

This is an oustanding resource: David Dorsey, The Literary Structure of the OT (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1999). It is a literary commentary on the OT.  Dorsey breaks down many sections of the OT into literary outlines, which helps the OT student see the narrative/literary "shape" of many OT stories and sections. The first few chapters… Continue reading OT Hebrew Literary Structure

Hauerwas: Theses on Christian Ethics

 In The Hauerwas Reader, edited by John Berkman and Michael Cartwright, there is an essay of Stanley Hauerwas from 1981 called "Reforming Christian Social Ethics: Ten Theses."  I'm not a pacifist (but I hate war and love peace), nor am I "with" Hauerwas in every way, but a lot of the stuff he says is… Continue reading Hauerwas: Theses on Christian Ethics

Historiography….and Eisenhower

Andrew and I have been discussing OT history and historiography.  We're wrestling through hermeneutical questions such as "What and how does the text tell us about history?"  We're finding, as many others have already noted in various ways, that these are some tough questions because there are a thousand things to consider when answering them.… Continue reading Historiography….and Eisenhower

Frei on Precritical Biblical Interpretation

I've been reading Hans Frei, The Eclipse of Biblical Narrative (New York: Yale, 1974) for the past few weeks.  This book is quite deep and thick and rich - I know for sure I'm only tracking with the main points that Frei is making.  I enjoy it, but it's going to take one or two… Continue reading Frei on Precritical Biblical Interpretation