People as Commodities

 If you're looking for a fascinating study on how consumerism, capitalism, and Madison avenue have contributed to the watering down of Christianity, you'll have to get Following Christ in a Consumer Society by John Kavanaugh.  I like the subtitle of the book: "The Spirituality of Cultural Resistance."  While I disagree with parts of his Catholic ecclesiology… Continue reading People as Commodities

It’s All About Me (Because I’m Special!)

This is a good book that describes the selfishness, vanity, pride, arrogance, depression, cynicism, apathy, and attitude of many young Americans today: Generation Me by Jean Twenge.  The subtitle of the book explains it a bit more: Why Today's Young Americans Are More Confident, Assertive, Entitled - and More Miserable Than Ever Before.  If this topic… Continue reading It’s All About Me (Because I’m Special!)

The Juvenalization of Western Culture (the Cult of Youth)

  In their excellent book The Narcissism Epidemic, Jean Twenge and Keith Campbell (among many other things) discuss the symptoms of narcissism in America today.  One of them is vanity, which they discuss in chapter 9.  As one of part of this chapter suggests, "in pursuit of hotness" many people today do many things that were unheard of… Continue reading The Juvenalization of Western Culture (the Cult of Youth)

Little Princess (Or: Budding Narcissist)

 I am just about finished with this great book: The Narcissism Epidemic by Jean Twenge and W. Keith Campbell.  I already knew that we Americans are quite narcissistic, but I wanted to see documentation from some experts in the field.  The authors argue that narcissism in our society rests on a four-legged stool: 1) Developmental (parenting/schooling),… Continue reading Little Princess (Or: Budding Narcissist)