Is Allah Loving?

I've mentioned Nabeel Qureshi's other two excellent books on this blog before (here and here).  Qureshi's third book, No God but One hits the shelves in two weeks.  I'm reading a copy to review, and I must say I'm enjoying it.  In one part of the book, Qureshi compares the Quran's description of Allah's relationship… Continue reading Is Allah Loving?

The Bible Was My Lifeline

I could not set this book down: Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi.  It’s an autobiography of a Pakistani-American man’s leaving Islam to follow Jesus.  Qureshi’s journey was (is!) a long, hard, thought-filled, prayer-filled, journey into the Christian family.  The book is well written, respectful of Muslims, a testimony to Jesus the Son of… Continue reading The Bible Was My Lifeline