Music Monday: Fathers (Baraka)

I haven't done a "Music Monday" post for a few weeks so I figured it's time again. Today I'd like to highlight the song "Fathers, 2004" by Sho Baraka. I've listened to this song a ton; it's been a blessing and help to me as a father. Here are some lines from it: First, the… Continue reading Music Monday: Fathers (Baraka)

I’ll Keep On by NF (Music Monday)

  I realize that rap or hip-hop is not everyone's favorite music genre or style. And, of course, some rap and hip-hop songs are explicit, downright filthy, and not for Christian ears.  But I really enjoy this style of music when it steers clear of the filth and explicit themes.  Unlike some other music, rap/hip-hop can say… Continue reading I’ll Keep On by NF (Music Monday)

Music Monday: “Yet Not I but through Christ in Me”

For me, music is one of the greatest blessings in life. I deeply enjoy music in general, but specifically solid Christian music has helped me in my walk with Christ in so many ways at so many different times in my life. Here on this blog in the past I've noted various Christian lyrics (from… Continue reading Music Monday: “Yet Not I but through Christ in Me”

Art, Music, Words, Work, Faith (Peterson)

 I'm one of those people who absolutely love music. It goes back to my childhood when I was messing around with radios and speakers trying to get my dad's old Beach Boys 8-tracks to play (loudly!).  Although today I can play a handful of instruments (badly!), I always tell my kids I'd trade my Jeep… Continue reading Art, Music, Words, Work, Faith (Peterson)

American Hymnody: The Musical Dark Ages

Around the turn of the 19th century, Christianity (and religion in general) was undergoing a change: it was becoming more and more democratic (a religion of the people, for the people, and by the people).  Not only did this democratization affect doctrine, ecclesiology, and piety, it also affected Christian and religious hymnody.  Here’s how Nathan… Continue reading American Hymnody: The Musical Dark Ages