Music Monday: Martin Luther, Music, and A Mighty Fortress

Last week I was reading through some of Martin Luther's hymns. It's a devotional activity even to read through his hymns! Below is the excellent preface to Luther's first collection of hymns. I believe it is from the year 1524. After Luther's preface I'll put the words to an original version of what we now… Continue reading Music Monday: Martin Luther, Music, and A Mighty Fortress

Music Monday, Depression, and Faith in the Valley

Although not every Monday is "Music Monday" here, I do like to post good lyrics from time to time on Monday in order to encourage or challenge our readers in a Christian way. Today's songs come from an album by Bethany Barnard called "All My Questions." Bethany wrote these songs during a period of deep… Continue reading Music Monday, Depression, and Faith in the Valley

These Tyrant Lusts Subdue (Toplady)

Today for Music Monday I'd like to share Augustus Toplady's hymn which is a prayer for spiritual renewal and sanctification. This is a prayer all disciples of Jesus can pray! Astonished and distressed,I turn mine eyes within;My heart with loads of guilt oppressed,The seat of every sin.What crowds of evil thoughts,What vile affections there!Distrust, presumption,… Continue reading These Tyrant Lusts Subdue (Toplady)

Music Monday: Fathers (Baraka)

I haven't done a "Music Monday" post for a few weeks so I figured it's time again. Today I'd like to highlight the song "Fathers, 2004" by Sho Baraka. I've listened to this song a ton; it's been a blessing and help to me as a father. Here are some lines from it: First, the… Continue reading Music Monday: Fathers (Baraka)

I’ll Keep On by NF (Music Monday)

  I realize that rap or hip-hop is not everyone's favorite music genre or style. And, of course, some rap and hip-hop songs are explicit, downright filthy, and not for Christian ears.  But I really enjoy this style of music when it steers clear of the filth and explicit themes.  Unlike some other music, rap/hip-hop can say… Continue reading I’ll Keep On by NF (Music Monday)