Preaching: More Than Teaching

Good Christian preaching certainly includes doctrine – who God is, who we are as humans, who Jesus is, and so forth.  The early church was devoted to the apostles’ doctrine (Acts 2.42).  But preaching is more than just teaching a doctrinal truth.  It is also aimed at changing God’s people in various ways (Rom. 15.4,… Continue reading Preaching: More Than Teaching

Sermon Application (Or Lack Thereof)

Sadly, some biblically sound preaching lacks application.  One question that arises from this statement is, Why?  Why do preachers sometimes lack application in their sermons?  I appreciate Murray Capill’s reasons (listed and edited below) – and I’m convicted by this list myself!  Again, the question is, why do preachers struggle to apply biblical truth in… Continue reading Sermon Application (Or Lack Thereof)

A Preacher’s Reservoir

Sermon application is a necessary but difficult part of preparing and delivering sermons.  Since I can always use help in this area, I picked up Murray Capill’s The Heart is the Target.  Though I’m not yet finished with it, it’s been quite helpful thus far.  In chapter three, Capill talks about a preacher’s “reservoir” –… Continue reading A Preacher’s Reservoir