The Gospel For Mormons Who Reject It

 You’ve probably heard the polls that Mormonism is a fast growing religion in the United States (although the polls don’t say how many are leaving the Mormon ranks).  You’ve probably seen and/or talked to those well dressed, polite Mormon missionaries.  But you may not have read an account by a man who was a “by-the-book”… Continue reading The Gospel For Mormons Who Reject It

Anthropomorphites, Audius, and Mormons

 In the broader context of the early church there was a group of people called the anthropomorphites who took the Bible "literally" which led them to believe and teach that God has a body.  Since the Bible talks about God's right hand, his footsteps, his eyes, (etc.) they thought that God was some sort of majestic and… Continue reading Anthropomorphites, Audius, and Mormons