Paul, Athens, and Isaiah 45

Though Christopher Seitz's work isn't always the easiest reading, it is often worth the effort.  Here's a section on his essay that deals with the biblical phrase found in the Nicene Creed: "Maker of heaven and earth." "To be sure, among the many, many gods Paul was sickened by seeing at Athens, one was likely… Continue reading Paul, Athens, and Isaiah 45

Missions and Monotheism

 Christopher Wright's discussion of monotheism, mission, and idolatry in The Mission of God is the best treatment of these subjects that I've read.   Chapter five ("The Living God Confronts Idolatry") alone is worth the price of this book!  Listen to these excellent paragraphs which lead up to chapter five. "Christ-centered monotheism is no more self-evidently beyond challenge or… Continue reading Missions and Monotheism