Open Theism from an Open Theist’s Pen

Awhile back I gave an Arminian theologian’s illustration of Arminianism (here).  I reminded our readers that when we explain and critique other perspectives, we have to do our best to follow the 9th commandment.  So in that light, I want to explain briefly the basics of Open Theism from the pen of an Open Theist. … Continue reading Open Theism from an Open Theist’s Pen

Arminian Philosophy and Theology

I recently read this IVP book: Why I Am Not A Calvinist by Jerry Walls and Joseph Dongell. I've read the early 17th century five Remonstrance points before, but I wanted a current explanation of Arminian theology.  The book is basically structured like this: 1) Approaching and engaging the Bible, 2) Calvinism, human freedom, and divine… Continue reading Arminian Philosophy and Theology