Depersonalizing the Holy Spirit, Modalism, and Worship (Horton)

Michael Horton's recent book on the Holy Spirit is quite helpful in many ways. I was re-reading the opening chapter this morning and the following paragraphs were a good reminder for me. Here they are: Even in broader Christian piety, there is a tendency to treat the Holy Spirit as a force or source of… Continue reading Depersonalizing the Holy Spirit, Modalism, and Worship (Horton)

Modalism and Modern Worship (Horton)

 One of the many blessings of a liturgy shaped by biblical truths and phrases is that it gets in you.  If a liturgy is full of biblical truth, it teaches the truth.  Both kids and adults learn good theology from a good liturgy.  On the other hand, if a liturgy doesn't closely follow Scripture or… Continue reading Modalism and Modern Worship (Horton)