Missionaries and the Mission Field: On Leaving

As I’ve mentioned before, Missionary Methods: St. Paul’s or Ours? by Roland Allen is an absolute must-read for missionaries, evangelists, church planters, and others involved in mission work.  Though it might be a bit dated, the content is more than a little valuable.  For example, near the end of the book Allen talks about how… Continue reading Missionaries and the Mission Field: On Leaving

Evangelism, the Church, and the Holy Spirit (Newbigin)

Here's a great section from a great book: A Word in Season by Lesslie Newbigin."We have good news to tell.  Before we begin to think about how it is communicated, it is well that we begin with a negative point.  It is not communicated if the question uppermost in our minds is about the survival… Continue reading Evangelism, the Church, and the Holy Spirit (Newbigin)

Church Planting Teams

There are several different methods of church planting.  One method worth discussing is church planting teams.  Craig Ott and Gene Wilson have a helpful chapter on this topic in their book Global Church Planting.  Here are a few highlights from that chapter. "A team is a group of people with complementary skills who are committed… Continue reading Church Planting Teams

A Vision for Mission

 I'm grateful to EP Books for sending me a review copy of A Vision for Mission by Daniel Grimwade, Daniel Webber, and Jonathan Bayes.  It is essentially an introduction to Christian missions.  The authors begin and end with what the Bible says about missions: the Triune God is a missionary God and the church is called… Continue reading A Vision for Mission

Biblical Theology and Mission

 Christopher Wright's The Mission of God is one outstanding book.  I'm grateful to a friend who pointed it out when we were talking about missions and church planting.  I really cannot recommend it enough.  The Mission of God  is quite long and detailed (over 5oo pages!), but Wright's style is clear, his structure is easy to follow, and his… Continue reading Biblical Theology and Mission