Diversion, Misery, Humility (Pascal)

I never get sick of reading Blaise Pascal's Pensees. Even though I've read them before, when I come back to them they still challenge me, grip me, and make me think! Today I was re-reading around #160-#190 of the Pensees. Here are a few quotes that I underlined several times. They have to do with… Continue reading Diversion, Misery, Humility (Pascal)

Sin’s Sinful Sinfulness

This is a tough book.  Reading 284 pages of a Puritan's discussion about sin's hideousness is neither fun nor enjoyable.  It was hard to read.  There were even times in this book where Ralph Venning (the author) basically said "This is tough for me, and I simply cannot write any more on this area of… Continue reading Sin’s Sinful Sinfulness