Forgiveness and the Grinding Halt of Vengeance (Volf)

Miroslav Volf's Exclusion and Embrace is a very thoughtful and interesting book on identity, reconciliation, oppression, justice, and so forth.  I don't agree with everything Volf says, but I am enjoying the book.  This morning I ran across his section on forgiveness, which was very helpful.  Here are a few quotes worth noting: "Instead of… Continue reading Forgiveness and the Grinding Halt of Vengeance (Volf)

De-centered, Re-centered (Volf)

I'm not on board with everything Miroslav Volf is doing in Exclusion and Embrace, but there are some helpful aspects of the book.  Here's one example where Volf talks about the self being de-centered and re-centered through the gospel: 'It is Christ who lives in me,' writes the Apostle Paul after giving the report of… Continue reading De-centered, Re-centered (Volf)