The God of Miracles (Bavinck)

This is a wonderful description of God's sovereignty and providence applied to the topic of miracles: ...The Scriptures teach that God and the world, although they are different from each other, are never separated. God has indeed a unique, perfect, independent existence in Himself, but He is not segregated from the world; on the contrary,… Continue reading The God of Miracles (Bavinck)

If He Would Just Show Me A Miracle… (Pascal)

Some people say that if God showed them a miracle, they would believe in him.  Blaise Pascal (d.1662) gave an excellent critique of this faulty approach to belief in God.  The following quote is a great apologetic: "'If I had seen a miracle,' they say, 'I should be converted.'  How can they be positive that… Continue reading If He Would Just Show Me A Miracle… (Pascal)

Sam Storms on Spiritual (Charismatic) Gifts

I’ve not read many books about spiritual gifts from a charismatic perspective.  Therefore, I recently worked through Sam Storm’s book, The Beginner’s Guide to Spiritual Gifts, to learn more about charismatic theology/practice.  As a Reformed Christian, I’m not charismatic, but I do want a proper understanding of this movement.  Below is a brief review of… Continue reading Sam Storms on Spiritual (Charismatic) Gifts