A Brief Summary of Micah

I found this short summary of the prophet Micah’s message helpful.  It was written by Bruce Waltke and can be found in The Minor Prophets, a commentary series that T. McComiskey edited (a series worth owning by the way).  Here Waltke discusses the three cycles of prophecy in Micah (ch 1-2, 3-5, 6-7). “In the… Continue reading A Brief Summary of Micah

Resources on Habakkuk

Here is a list of commentaries I've used as I teach/preach through the OT minor prophet Habakkuk.    Marvin Sweeney, The Twelve Prophets.  This is one of my favorite commentaries on Habakkuk.  Sweeney is a top-notch Jewish scholar so he knows his Hebrew Bible.  His writing style is clear and to the point; the commentary is a… Continue reading Resources on Habakkuk

Bruce’s Habakkuk Commentary

 I've thoroughly enjoyed the commentary series on the Minor Prophets that Thomas McComiskey edited (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1993). I appreciate the layout: the top half of the page has textual and syntactical notes and the bottom half of the page is the commentary section.  The commentators also give their own translation and compare it to the NRSV.  The… Continue reading Bruce’s Habakkuk Commentary

Good Commentary on the Minor Prophets (Great Price Too!)

T. E. McComiskey has edited a great shorter commentary series on the Minor Prophets.  I own the older version in three separate hardcovers, but Baker recently republished it (Jan 2009) as a single volume (hardcover).   It is big and fat (just over 1400 pages), but it is well worth the 30 bucks (+ a small… Continue reading Good Commentary on the Minor Prophets (Great Price Too!)