Becoming a Pastor: Tests and Exams

 In confessional Reformed churches, there's a tried and tested way for men to enter the pastoral ministry.  First and foremost we follow the teachings Scripture, specifically those passages that talk about the qualifications for those who are to lead Christ's flock as overseers.  For example, 1 Timothy 3:1-7 talks about the character of a man… Continue reading Becoming a Pastor: Tests and Exams

The Pastor and Feeding Christ’s Sheep (Bucer)

 Martin Bucer's (d.1551) pastoral theology book Concerning the True Care of Souls is a wonderful resource.  I recently came across this section that I had marked up - it's a good reminder for those of our readers who are pastors! When St. Peter is asked for the third time if he loves the Lord, and himself… Continue reading The Pastor and Feeding Christ’s Sheep (Bucer)

On Christian Fads (or: Faddish Christianity)

I've been in the ministry for almost ten years.  While I have kept a journal to record events and thoughts, I haven't written down the various Christian fads that have come and gone in the past ten years.  It is easy to see, however, that Christian fads are like other fads: they are cool and… Continue reading On Christian Fads (or: Faddish Christianity)

Surrender and Consecration: Life and Ministry

Many of B. B. Warfield’s Princeton sermons are wonderful and edifying pieces to read.  One that I appreciate is from Acts 22:10 (What shall I do, Lord?) called “Surrender and Consecration.”  Here are two paragraphs from it – the second one applies to ministers of the gospel.  These words make me think of the hymn… Continue reading Surrender and Consecration: Life and Ministry

Popularity: A Pastor’s Fiery Trial

  Near the beginning of his 1830 publication on the pastoral ministry (The Christian Ministry), Charles Bridges discussed the trials and difficulties of the ministry.  In this section he wrote that for pastors, “the greatest difficulties derive their origin and power from ourselves.”  This whole section is outstanding, and very much worth reading.  One part… Continue reading Popularity: A Pastor’s Fiery Trial