A Prayer for Ministerial Candidates (Newton)

What things should a man think about as he contemplates being officially called to the gospel ministry? This is obviously a huge question that has a long answer! One great and longer answer to that question is found in John Newton’s pamphlet called Ministry on My Mind. This is a booklet published by the John… Continue reading A Prayer for Ministerial Candidates (Newton)

Angry Pastors and Elders!?!? (Ash)

One of the qualifications for a man to serve as an elder or pastor in Christ's church is that he must not be an angry man. If a man in the church has a hot temper or is known to explode in rage he is not elder material. If a hot-headed man wishes to become… Continue reading Angry Pastors and Elders!?!? (Ash)

All That I Ought To Be (Grimke)

 In July 1928, on the fiftieth anniversary of his ordination to the gospel ministry, Francis Grimke wrote some reflections about his ministry.  At 78 years old, Grimke noted that he no longer had the mental or physical strength that he formerly had.  And as he looked back at his ministry, he readily confessed that God… Continue reading All That I Ought To Be (Grimke)

Pastors and Elders: For You

 The biblical work of a Christian pastor is sometimes quite difficult. I'm just noting this in general.  I don't have a specific personal situation in mind.  Generally speaking, being a pastor isn't cool and it's not an easy, comfortable calling.  Not only do pastors sometimes have to shepherd difficult people in difficult circumstances, they also… Continue reading Pastors and Elders: For You

Considering Pastoral Ministry? (Newton)

  If you're a man considering the pastoral ministry, you'll want to read John Newton's words on this topic  from his sermon called "The Publication of the Gospel."  To be sure, this is also helpful for those who are currently serving as a pastor.  By the way, the pastoral call and ministry is not just… Continue reading Considering Pastoral Ministry? (Newton)