How Should a Pastor Treat His Wife? (Miller)

A pastor's marriage is a very important part of his life and ministry.  A pastor should be an excellent Christian example of what it means for a husband to serve, cherish, nourish, and love his wife in a humble, Christ-like way.  Samuel Miller (d. 1850) gave some outstanding advice along these lines: As a clergyman… Continue reading How Should a Pastor Treat His Wife? (Miller)

The Church Is Greater Than The Pastor

Although he lived and ministered in Holland almost 100 years ago, Abraham Kuyper could already see the celebrity pastor syndrome growing in the United States.  There are quite a few layers of wisdom in the following quote.  I especially like Kuyper’s dig at democratic/populist religious gatherings, his emphasis on church history, and his note that… Continue reading The Church Is Greater Than The Pastor

Wisdom, Ignorance, Knowledge, Seminary

Around six months ago I wrote a short review of this book: Excellence: The Character of God and the Puruit of Scholarly Virtue by Andreas Kostenberger.  To summarize that review, I really liked the book and recommend it.  As I was paging through it again recently, I found this section that I had marked up. … Continue reading Wisdom, Ignorance, Knowledge, Seminary

The Success Syndrome and the Church

Early in his ministry, Kent Hughes was set on having a successful church and pastoral career.  "To me," he wrote, "success in the ministry meant growth in attendance.  Ultimate success meant a big, growing church." "Subconsciously I was evaluating nearly everything from the perspective of how it would affect church growth."  The crisis of faith… Continue reading The Success Syndrome and the Church

Jack Rabbits and Ping-Pong

 I'm surprised how many times I hear people speak negatively about a pastor's seminary education - as if knowledge is deadly to the soul (or ignorance is bliss).  Of course, this sentiment is a common American one that goes way back to the early frontier days of circuit preachers.  Billy Sunday even said, "I don't know… Continue reading Jack Rabbits and Ping-Pong