Defining “Covenant” (Kline)

 Quite obviously the term and concept of covenant is a major theme in Scripture.  It's not always easy to define since there are quite a few covenants made in the Bible and since they are made in different cultures and time periods.  Having said that, I appreciate Meridith Kline's general definition of covenant: Of the… Continue reading Defining “Covenant” (Kline)

Grace: More Than Unmerited Favor!

 Since I read this around ten years ago, I've really been helped and even comforted by Meredith Kline's explanation of saving grace.  He noted that "in the biblical proclamation of the gospel, grace is the antithesis of the works principle."  Later he wrote, "The distinctive meaning of [saving] grace in its biblical-theological usage is a… Continue reading Grace: More Than Unmerited Favor!

The Original Homeland of Man

The following paragraph from Kingdom Prologue is one that I've appreciated for a long time: The original homeland of man might well have been named Immanuel.  God was with man, man's dwelling-place was God's dwelling-place.  That was the greatest glory of paradise and the supreme and ultimate blessedness of human life.  The covenant servant had… Continue reading The Original Homeland of Man

Westminster Seminary California and the Confessions

I've been enjoying this new book which summarizes the history of Westminster Seminary California: A New Old School, edited by W. Robert Godfrey and D. G. Hart.  Since Andrew and I graduated from WSC over five years ago, both of us have a vested interest in this book.  One emphasis of this book is a… Continue reading Westminster Seminary California and the Confessions

Hyper-BT (or The Exegetical Hat-Trick)

In many ways, I'm indebted to the biblical theological (a.k.a. redemptive-historical) movement of the last 75 years (give or take).  I appreciate guys like Meredith Kline and Gregory Beale, for two different examples, but I'm a bit wary of several aspects of biblical theology (see here, here, and here for a few examples).  I think many biblical theologians could… Continue reading Hyper-BT (or The Exegetical Hat-Trick)