The Prophetic Naming of Noah (Kline)

This is a helpful insight into Noah's name and role in Redemptive history: Noah’s agency in God’s establishing of his kingdom community in its sabbath stage on the mountain of the Lord was adumbrated in Lamech’s oracular explanation for naming him “Noah”: “He will bring us relief from the toil of our hands, from our… Continue reading The Prophetic Naming of Noah (Kline)

The Family and the State (Kline)

According to Genesis, the institution of the family came before the institution of the state. Adam and Eve had a family before cities were formed and before the sword-bearing state was founded in Genesis 4:15 and 9:5-6. This is God's order: he instituted the family and then later the state. I appreciate how Meredith Kline… Continue reading The Family and the State (Kline)

A List of Meredith Kline’s Books on Sale at Logos

Logos Bible Software is running a sale on many of Meredith Kline's books that Wipf and Stock have been publishing. The following Kline books are $4.99 - except the last one which is $6.99. Treaty of the Great King Kingdom Prologue Images of the Spirit The Structure of Biblical Authority Glory in Our Midst God,… Continue reading A List of Meredith Kline’s Books on Sale at Logos

Reformed Theology and the Kingdom of God

 From time to time I read critiques that Reformed theology doesn’t really do justice to the kingdom of God, or that it is weak on kingdom theology.  In other words, some current theologians, teachers, and authors are critical of Reformed theology because (in their view) it relegates the kingdom of God to a minor place… Continue reading Reformed Theology and the Kingdom of God

A Theological Problem of Theonomy (Kline)

 One of the more profound and, in my opinion, helpful critiques of theonomy was written by Meredith Kline in volume 41 (1978/79) of the Westminster Theological Journal.   In this article called "Comments on an Old-New Error", Kline is interacting with Greg Bahnsen's 1977 publication, Theonomy in Christian Ethics.  There are quite a few points in… Continue reading A Theological Problem of Theonomy (Kline)