Lone Ranger Christians?

 In the early church, one thing Cyprian stressed over and over is the importance of Christians being united with an assembly of other Christians (a.k.a. a/the church).  Some Christians were tempted to leave the assembly because of persecution; others were tempted to leave because some sect was pulling them away.  Today, the reasons for Christians not uniting publicly with other… Continue reading Lone Ranger Christians?

Joining A Small Church

 As a pastor of a small group of Christians, I understand why some might hesitate to join a small church.   There may even be a few legit reasons why people hesitate to join one.  However, from the discussions I've had and the articles/books I've read, most of the reasons why people hesitate to join a small church are… Continue reading Joining A Small Church

No Gospel, No Church

No gospel, no church: "The greatest need in the church today is the gospel.  The gospel is not only news for a perishing world, it is the message that forms, sustains, and animates the church.  Apart from the gospel, the church has nothing to say - that is, nothing to say that cannot be said… Continue reading No Gospel, No Church

Horton on Evangelical Ecclesiologies

Earlier, I posted a blurb from Mike Horton on Volf and Grenz, specifically discussing Free-Church ecclesiology.  Volf had a penetrating critique which Horton draws upon and expands from the Reformation point of view in People and Place.  By way of reminder, Volf (himself within the Free Church tradition), criticized Free Church ecclesiology for giving into… Continue reading Horton on Evangelical Ecclesiologies