The Beauties of Concordia (The Lutheran Confessions)

 Earlier, I mentioned this reader's edition of the Book of Concord earlier: Concordia, The Lutheran Confessions.  As I said, it's a great read, a great resource to have.  Sometime in the (near?) future, I'll show some areas of similarity and difference between the Reformed/Presbyterian confessions and the Lutheran ones.  Though there are significant differences, there are also many… Continue reading The Beauties of Concordia (The Lutheran Confessions)

Luther on Strong Sins: A Word to Preachers!

This is Luther at his finest.  It shows two things clearly: 1) he understood Rome's doctrines clearly [note the "imaginary" language below] and 2) he understood the gospel clearly.  This part of the letter is on the wall of my study; it is worth memorizing! 13. If you are a preacher of mercy, do not preach an… Continue reading Luther on Strong Sins: A Word to Preachers!